Did you plan this?

You’ve come this far in such a short time, but now, you need to look forward and figure out how this is going to look in the long run. Is what you’re doing right now going to make you happy in three years? Every little action you take now accumulates over time. The things you have right now and who you are are built from the decisions you made years ago.

We have the habit of thinking in the now, so it’s important to do it the right way. The small actions you do daily, so small it barely adds up to 1% of the bigger percentage of your life, will carve out who you will be and the life you will have in the future. If you eat a cheeseburger a day, that will accumulate as body fat or increase your risk of heart disease in the future.

Every time you decide not to follow your goals, it accumulates to you being in the same position as you were three years ago. By choosing not to look after your plants and water them daily, they are likely to die.

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