Healthy body = Healthy Mind

In life, we get busy! You’ve finished school, and now, you’re the person in control of your life structure. You are working a full-time job to manage your loan repayments, saving up a nice reserve of money, and enjoying life. If you let it, life can become stressful.

Everything should be a second priority to what I discuss in this next chapter. Without your health, you have nothing. It’s when we become sick that we appreciate our bodies and good health. If you take care of yourself, you can reduce the chance of developing sickness and disease.

Remembering that everything you do daily adds up can help you make better decisions throughout your day. If you inhale a cigarette each day, you will be more likely to develop lung cancer. If you drink alcohol excessively, you increase your chances of liver disease. If you don’t get enough sleep during the night over a long period, there are many serious health issues linked with this, such as diabetes, heart attack, and depression.

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