How to be confident

I used to get up early and sing to the world!

Mostly as no-one is out of bed at 5am walking the streets to hear me 😂

I’m certain if someone did, they’d of shook their heads and proclaimed “The drugs are messing up our Burnie youth!” 🤬

Potentially, I was doing too many Weetbix prior to leaving the house… regardless, I really enjoyed those walks with music and feeling the freedom of expressing myself with no judgement.

Developing the ability to express more of myself without caring about judgement. Through writing, speaking, and selling services, I feel more freedom to do what makes me content.

Often what holds us back is the feeling that someone will think a certain way about us. They probably will, they probably won’t.
What matters is doing what makes you content.

If you come home each day feeling unfulfilled, maybe you need to do something more aligned with your true wants…. Do something different, regardless of what anyone thinks. 👊