What You Don't Learn At School - Introduction - PaperBack Book

What You Don't Learn At School - Introduction - PaperBack Book

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“These Are The Extremely Valuable Secrets About Becoming Successful In Life That

They Never Teach You In School”

(And Do It All With Less Struggles, Less Setbacks or Less Wasted Energy)



Land Your Dream Job, Earn/Save More Money, Develop Amazing Relationships, Achieve Your Personal Life Goals Much Faster - And So Much More!



 Felicity Martin

"Never has the phrase "you cant teach an old dog new tricks" ever been so inaccurate!
I guarantee this book will make you think, think about yourself, think about your present circumstances & think about your future!"


Are You Feeling Stuck or Trapped When It
Comes To Forging Your Path In Life?


As someone who’s either currently finishing up their own education, or if you’re someone who’s just struggling out in the real world, the truth is…



But the good news is, instead of trying to figure out your own journey, there’s 7 very powerful steps you can take right now to help you in the areas of everything from…


  • Navigating your way to new employment
  • Successfully managing your own money
  • Creating amazing new relationships
  • Building vital new networks

- And that’s just for starters


By getting access to the essential information that I’m about to reveal to you – that they don’t teach you in school – it’ll not only give you a ‘step up’ in the world, but it’ll also help boost your own self-confidence, reduce your fears, and set you on the right path that’s meant for you.


So, what exactly are these 7 powerful steps that have only been briefly teased?


And most of all, how can they benefit YOU and your life right now in this very moment?


Introducing The Popular Breakthrough Guide That’s The
Perfect “Cheat Sheet” To Navigating Your Life


Hi, my name is Ethan Butler and I’ve created an eye-opening and life-transforming guide for people just like yourself who are either about to make the jump into the real world or are and currently struggling creating a clear path in life


As someone who’s knocking on the door of becoming 30 years old in a few years, I’ve learned some very tough lessons about life during my transition from my early days of school to living in the real world on my own.


I made a lot of mistakes, but I also learned a lot of key life lessons and gained a lot of important insights on how to ‘carve out one’s own path’ in life.


Here’s more information about who I am that you also may find useful:

Ethan Butler Newspaper Article


Inside my new guide I’ve called: What You Don’t Learn At School I reveal not only my own insights and secrets about this important life transition you’re about to make, but I also break everything down into an easy step-by-step 7 part formula to help you get on the ‘fast track’ to success.


 Caitlyn Charles

"WOW!! This book changed my life! 😍 Can highly recommend this book!!! Would be a great gift idea for graduating students!!! 😊😊😊😊"


The information that’ll be revealed to you in this one single guide will not only save you a lot of hassles, headaches, frustrations, stress and even improve your financial life, but it’ll also help your social life and career as well.


At just over 140+ pages of “no fluff” information, I break down everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve discovered, and the most vital lessons you really need to know that they never teach you in school.


Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek of What You’ll
Discover Inside This Must-Own Guide


  • I’ll reveal what the “Worker’s Mindset” is and how it can help you get ahead in life. This is something that people like Michael Jordan, Kanye West, and even Bill Gates have used with massive success – and now you can too!

  • Find out if this ONE factor in your life has not only been limiting your beliefs about who you are or what you can be, but if it’s also having a negative impact on how you’ve been shaping your life. (Hint: this usually starts at a very early age)

  • Understand how to use the real power of FOCUS on the smallest details to work in your favor. Find out how focus (and your own “standards”) can have a massive impact on your own career, personal life, and even your own happiness.

  • Are you on the hunt for a new job? Not sure what to do or where to start? I’ll give you my personal ‘plan of attack’ that’ll give you the upper advantage over other job candidates in order to increase your odds of landing important interviews!

  • Once you land that big interview, it’s time to turn your fear into self-confidence. Thanks to the tips, tricks and secrets I’ll review in this section, you’ll know exactly what to expect and what to do to help you come out on top with a good paying job!

  • Discover my simple, yet very important “to do” list when it comes to making the right first impression at your job. Get these right and you’ll not impress your employer and co-workers, but it’ll set you apart as someone who’s serious about success.

  • Money! Money! Money! I’m going to show you the very first things you should do (and not do!) once you get start receiving a regular paycheck. The #1 goal is to not only make more money, but to keep more money, and even make your money GROW! I’ll show you the critical steps to take.

  • I’ll reveal even more important and easy-to-understand money tips that will help you with tracking your spending, creating a workable budget, navigating taxes, how much you should be saving each paycheck, and even how to setup “Superannuation”.

  • Once you move out from home, there are some essential steps you can take when it comes to your monthly expenses (think food, electricity, entertainment) and even buying your first home that can make your life a whole lot easier. I’ll show you what they are!


  • Time to focus on your mind/body health! Sure, landing a great job, making good money, and even buying home are great – but if your mind/body health is lacking, it can all come crashing down. I’ll show you the core essentials you need to focus on to become your very best (and healthiest) self!

  • And last but not least, I’ll dive into how you can actually ‘reverse engineer’ your own goals and dreams in order to make them become your reality much sooner! Most people don’t do this, and it’s something that will completely change the way you achieve your goals.




 Kim Turale

"This is a fantastic, easy to read book, just jam packed with authentic, "real life" knowledge. This isn't just for reading, this is for applying. It's a book you will go back to more than once, a great reference - it'll be the silent partner behind many readers' success."


What You Don’t Learn At School Is Now Available
In BOTH Paperback and eBook (PDF) Formats (Read on your phone or computer, no App necessary!)



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